Radio Arlecchino
December 7, 2009
Episode 22:  Truth and Consequences
If things had not been so wildly hectic here at Radio Arlecchino of late, this exciting episode would have appeared quite a bit sooner! But here it is at last, full of bone-chilling encounters of the second and third kind! Hypothetically speaking, that is. If you donít tell the truth, you have to face the consequences. And we spell it all out for you, in every poignant tense and mood required. And what if Antonella were suddenly to be whisked away to Rome again, leaving Eric to his own devices in front of the microphone? Would it be sad, or would a clever plan be hatched? What if you were to listen in…?
Download (right-click): ra_22.mp3  (MP3, 12:07, 11.37 MB)