Radio Arlecchino
June 3, 2008
Episode 18:  Likes and Dislikes - The catch of the day
The catch of the day in Episode 18 is Pulcinella, for Antonella has caught up with the Neapolitan superstar who disappeared shortly after the premiere of Arlecchino's blockbuster.  In her exclusive interview with Pulcinč, as she kiddingly calls him in the Roman way, we'll hear several verbs that express likes and dislikes, plus several new ones that have other meanings but follow the famous Pleasure Sandwich recipe.  The Radio Arlecchino cast and crew will be in riposo estivo for the next couple of months, but future episodes will resume in the fall.  Meanwhile, let's listen ....
Download (right-click): ra_18.mp3  (MP3, 6:26, 5.28 MB)