Radio Arlecchino
July 21, 2009
Episode 21:  Lost in the Woulds - The Conditional Mood
You canít keep a good Dottore down! Not only has his Futurometer been refurbished and re-installed, our learned friend has now provided Radio Arlecchino with another amazing device: the Conditionator 9000. Of course you would love to know how it works, and we would like to tell you, but if we did, we would have to... Well, anyway, it does work, we think, but you neednít take our word for it. Have your copy of the pdf with its transcript and notes handy and fire up your mp3 player of choice as you dare to get Lost in the Woulds...
Download (right-click): ra_21.mp3  (MP3, 23:14, 21.79 MB)