Radio Arlecchino
January 30, 2009
Episode 20:  Hypothesizing - If You Can't Stand the Heat
The good news is that the Futurometer is being painstakingly repaired and the studio refurbished for enhanced security by a crack team of experts. The bad news is that the studio is currently in a noisy mess and apparently not a very safe place right now. So our trusty podcasters are hoping to find a more congenial atmosphere for this episode backstage at the Teatro Pazzimpalco, where our friends from the Commedia are about to raise the curtain on another show. Now what on earth makes them think that things would be any quieter there? It's time to contemplate that and many other perplexing hypotheses in this very special episode--IF we think we can handle it!
Download (right-click): ra_20.mp3  (MP3, 14:44, 13.82 MB)