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Yorùbá Yé Mi is an interactive, communicative, introductory, multi-media program intended to provide college/university students with basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of language learning in Yorùbá. It exposes the learner not only to Yorùbá language in meaningful situations but also to the culture of the Yorùbá-speaking people of South-western Nigeria. It contains effective techniques for teaching and learning Yorùbá including tones, and is userfriendly in its approach.

Yorùbá Yé Mi was initially sponsored by University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services. It is currently funded by the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning, https://www.coerll.utexas.edu/ and the U.S. Department of Education Title VI Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education. Yorùbá Yé Mi is an open access site that does not require fees or password.

The contents of this website were developed under grant #P229A100014 from the U.S. Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.


Book CoverPDF
Preface PDF
Introduction PDF
Nasal vowels
Oral vowels

Syllabic nasals
A Poem on the city of Ìbàdàn


Chapter 1: PDF
Lesson 1: Dialogue 1-7

Chapter 2 PDF
Lesson 3: Monologue 1
Lesson 4: Dialogue 1

Chapter 3 PDF
Lesson 2: Dialogue 1
Lesson 3: Monologue 1

Chapter 4 PDF
Lesson 2: Dialogue 1
Lesson 3: Dialogue 2

Chapter 5 PDF
Lesson 2: Dialogue 1
Lesson 3: Monologue 1
Monologue 2
Lesson 4: Monologue 3

Chapter 6 PDF
Lesson 3: Advertisment
Dialogue 1
Dialogue 2
Dialogue 3
Song 1
Song 2

Chapter 7 PDF
Lesson 1: Dialogue 1
Lesson 3: Dialogue 2
Lesson 4: Dialogue 3

Chapter 8 PDF
Lesson 3: Dialogue 1

Chapter 9 PDF
Lesson 1: Dialogue 1

Chapter 10 PDF
Lesson 2: Song 1
Song 2
Lesson 3: Monologue 1
Lesson 4: Monologue 2
Monologue 3
Monologue 4

Chapter 11 PDF

Chapter 12 PDF
Lesson 2: Dialogue 1
Lesson 3: Monologue 1


To our Yorùbá Yé Mi Community, welcome!

Thank you for visiting our website. Yorùbá Yé Mi (YYM) is the result of many years of work by faculty, Fulbright Yoruba Teaching Assistants (FLTAs), students of Yoruba classes, graduate and undergraduate students/native speakers, family and friends all over the world, especially in Austin, Texas, and Nigeria.

In sharing this website, we hope to:

  • welcome your suggestions to improve the YYM textbook and audio files
  • post materials inspired by the YYM project, thus adding ancillary materials, including more culture and identity activities
  • keep the website updated, and
  • share best pedagogical practices.

Comments and questions can be sent to coerll@austin.utexas.edu.
Please let us know how YYM benefits you and how we may be of help to you in learning/teaching Yoruba!

E kaabo o.

Contributions from students at the University of Texas:

Learners, including heritage learners, believe that the biggest challenge to learning the Yoruba language is Yoruba tones. Not only did 1st year students at the University of Texas find the tongue twisters in YYM enjoyable in the Fall semester of 2011, they turned them into skits and shared them on YouTube:


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