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Photo of Dr. Laura Franklin
Dr. Laura Franklin • Editor, World Languages, MERLOT • Professor of French, Northern Virginia Community College
Français interactif

My community college students use Français interactif and its generous video, audio and pdf resources to supplement what we are doing in our French classes. As an online instructor, I am particularly grateful for its Facebook page whose moderator fields questions from French language learners from all over the world. This practice embodies the spirit and genius of open educational resources. Some of my students love the Facebook page so much so that they prefer it to our Blackboard discussions, to which I say "Tant mieux." To me, COERLL spells EXCELLENCE.

Photo of Dr. Lara L Anderson
Dr. Lara Lomicka Anderson • University of South Carolina • Associate Professor of French and Applied Linguistics
Foreign Language Teaching Modules

I used COERLL’s Foreign Language Teaching Methods site for my methods course last year. My students loved the fact that they could take the class without having to purchase a book; it saved them lots of money. Reading the online text and watching the videos were both extremely useful to them in trying to grasp certain SLA topics as new teachers. We actually used the site as the primary content for our course (supplemented with a few articles) and collaborated with a class at University of Florida to enhance discussion of the material. The students enjoyed the material and its presentation.

Photo of Dr. Gillian Lord
Dr. Gillian Lord • University of Florida • Associate Professor of Spanish
Foreign Language Teaching Methods

I regularly teach a methods course for incoming Spanish instructors, and until recently I struggled with finding an appropriate textbook. It was a challenge to locate the appropriate combination of theory and practice that suited those with and without prior teaching experience. Most of the textbooks didn’t meet my needs and required extensive supplementing. All that changed when I discovered the COERLL Foreign Language Teaching Methods website. I use the site as my textbook for the methods class, assigning one module each week. In fact, the site is now my go-to reference for all things pedagogy related.

Photo of Dr. Virginia Scott
Dr. Virginia Scott • Professor of French and Applied Linguistics, Vanderbilt University • Director, Center for Second Language Studies, Vanderbilt University
Foreign Language Teaching Methods

I have taught a methods course for more than 20 years and have used a variety of books. Last year, I used COERLL’s Foreign Language Teaching Methods site and the course was the most successful it has ever been. For the final project, I asked the students to write statements of their teaching philosophy; this helps them articulate their goals and also serves to prepare them for the job market. This year their statements were especially creative. I attribute much of their success to the ways my students were engaged in the material presented on the COERLL site. They learned how the four skills, grammar, and culture might be integrated to promote communicative language teaching.

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COERLL Director Carl Blyth

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