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Tá Falado
February 26, 2007
Lesson 18:  Pronunciation of 'ch', You Call That a Steak House?
You call that a steak house? For the meat lovers of the world, we present the Brazilian-style "churrascarias" and the "rodízio" buffets.  Get ready for over 30 different cuts of meat that will come by your table, and that doesn't include the salad bar either!  Michelle is partial to "coração de galinha" (chicken hearts).  Valdo can't wait for the "costelinha de carneiro" (rack of lamb).  Orlando loves the popular "picanha," which he can't even say in English, but he knows it is his favorite.  No wonder Valdo and Michelle think of American steak restaurants as snacks.  Pronunciation is easy: "ch" in Portuguese always sounds like "sh."
Download (right-click): tafalado_18.mp3  (MP3, 12:42, 4.47 MB)