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Tá Falado
May 25, 2007
Grammar Lesson 4:  Future Subjunctive, Soda Refills at Restaurants
Soda refills at restaurants When you go, you will buy a soda.  If you buy a soda, you will get refills.  As soon as you get refills, you will sit down with friends to talk.  Those who sit and talk with friends, will have a great time.  Yes, all of those sentences require the 'future subjunctive' in Portuguese.  So, if you listen to Orlando, Valdo, Michelle, and José Luís, you will also learn how to use the future subjunctive.  Don't be intimidated, Spanish speaking friends, it's easier than you think! 
Download (right-click): tafalado_gra_04.mp3  (MP3, 13:55, 9.78 MB)