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Tá Falado
June 14, 2007
Grammar Lesson 7:  Para with Indirect Pronouns, Ice Water at Restaurants
Serving ice water at restaurants For all of you who learned how to speak Spanish, we all relive the nightmare experience of learning direct and indirect object pronouns.  Lo is direct, le is indirect. When you use both, put the indirect first; but you can't say le lo, so change le to se and then say se lo, as in se lo di 'I gave it to him' ...  Bad memories for sure, but the good news is that none of that happens in Portuguese.  In fact, Brazilians hardly ever use indirect objects.  Instead they just say para ele 'to him', para ela 'to her', para eles 'to them'.  That's what Orlando, Valdo, Michelle, and Jose Luís talk about in this lesson, which is just para vocês!
Download (right-click): tafalado_gra_07.mp3  (MP3, 12:23, 8.71 MB)