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Tá Falado
January 4, 2007
Lesson 12:  Pronunciation of 's' and 'z' Sounds, Eating at Movie Theaters
Eating at movie theaters Our podcast comes to you from Austin, Texas.  Valdo and Michelle have noticed that here in Austin there are movie theaters that serve full meals, just like in regular restaurants.  What a great idea, and that is our cultural observation for this lesson.  As to the sounds of Portuguese and Spanish, we take on a big one today.  Valdo and Michelle help us to understand when Portuguese words that are written with an "s" sound like an "s" and when they sound like a "z."  Get ready for their five rules!  Spanish speaking listeners, get ready to say more "z" sounds.
Download (right-click): tafalado_12.mp3  (MP3, 15:09, 10.66 MB)