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Tá Falado
September 24, 2007
Grammar Lesson 16:  Placement of Indirect Pronouns, Greeting Friends
Greeting friends In this lesson, Michelle claims that most people give women one kiss on the cheek when greeting and when saying goodbye.  Valdo thinks that it is more common to give two kisses, one on each cheek.  And there are even places where a third kiss is given.  How difficult can it get?  As to grammar, years ago Orlando was once caught saying, in Spanish, Mara quiere me ayudar.  To his surprise he found out that Spanish speakers are not supposed to put the indirect pronoun 'me' between the verbs.  So, for you who are learning Portuguese, you get to learn the opposite: in Portuguese the pronoun goes between the auxiliary and main verb.  There is no problem in saying, Maria quer me ajudar.
Download (right-click): tafalado_gra_16.mp3  (MP3, 12:33, 8.82 MB)