Designing L2 Writing Tasks


1. Planning lessons in terms of activity sets allows instructors to

2. Pre-writing tasks should

3. The process approach to writing means that

Clear Answers


  1. Design a writing task that would allow students to write collaborative projects either in or out of the classroom setting. What would be some potential benefits of such an assignment? Share your ideas with your fellow students and/or teachers.
  2. Examine a writing assignment you have recently given your students and answer the following questions:
    • What is the learning objective? (writing, vocabulary, reading, etc.)
    • What are the sub-skills needed to complete the task?
    • What pre-writing activities can help students prepare to complete the task?
    • If you were to teach this activity, what guidelines/materials would you give the students during the writing task?
    • What are some post-writing activities you could use?