Lesson 4: Implementing Communicative Tasks


In Lesson 1 of this module, communicative tasks were described as "student-centered" or "student-focused." But does that mean that the teacher's role is unimportant? Hardly! Even the most well-designed communicative task must be carefully managed by the teacher.

In Lesson 4, we will consider what it means to implement a communicative task. In particular, we will consider how teachers can help guide students and keep them on task throughout the communication.


A set of guidelines for implementing communicative activities.

Duration: 04:33

Review the guidelines for implementing communicative activities (Brandl 2008) and consider how you could incorporate these into your classroom.

  • Make the goal clear from the beginning.
  • Involve all participants equally.
  • Make sure students are adequately prepared.
  • Provide clear instructions and examples.
  • Make an effort to mix groups.
  • Assign activities that are relevant and interesting to students.
  • Circulate, circulate, circulate.
  • Teach group interaction skills.
  • Hold group accountable for completing task on time.