Lesson 3: Inductive Approaches to Teaching Grammar

Guided Induction in Practice

Decoo (1996: 97) labels the fourth category on the continuum from deduction to induction (guided, implicit) as subconscious induction. He describes the types of pedagogical activities associated with it in the following excerpt.

"In subconscious induction on structured material, the students are exposed to language material that has been structured in such a way to help the inductive process. The principle advocates that through the systematic repetition of the same pattern, through graded variations, through drill and practice, the student will come to an 'integrated mastery' of the rule, without conscious analysis."

How do we structure actual lesson plans to incorporate guided induction?


A language teacher asks a question about induction in practice.

Duration: 01:12

Use the Whole Continuum, Start with Language Data

In the following two lessons we will review activities that make use of inductive pedagogical processes. A guided inductive approach starts out with an analysis of language data in context (e.g., a passage from a novel, a chart, a video clip) , but it can make use of the whole spectrum of options identified on the continuum. The arrows in the graphic below depict a possible sequence of activities going from the most implicit to the most explicit end of the continuum.