Lesson 3: Inductive Approaches to Teaching Grammar

Illustration of Guided Induction

We all have lots of experience using mirrors. But, is that experience enough to make judgments about the effect of distance from the mirror on the size of our image reflected on the mirror. Watch the following segment and see if you agree with the answer provided by this class to the puzzle posed by the instructor.


The instructor poses a puzzle to the class.

Duration: 02:11

Testing Your Knowledge of Mirrors

Now, let's test the answer with the use of an actual mirror. What do you think?


Testing the answer to the puzzle.

Duration: 00:21

Analyzing the Outcome

Can you explain what happened in this experiment? Why were students convinced that option (b) was the right answer? Why was the student who used the mirror in class reluctant to accept that (c) was the right answer?

Guided Induction Versus Pure Induction

Finally, review the answer provided by the instructor in the following segment. Summarize his response either agreeing or disagreeing with his explanation.


Discussing the answer.

Duration: 00:49