Grimm Grammar

Die Einwohner in Schloßallee 18

Pack your cognitive bags and take a trip to Schloßallee 18, the magnificently restored medieval castle where thirty-six Grimm Brothers fairy tale characters leave behind their 19th century urges and try to cope with the complex demands of the 21st century.  Meet the residents of Schloßallee 18!

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Der Keller

In the dungeon lives tortured East German underground poet Hanno, who was imprisoned before system change ... and then, forgotten.  Hanno doesn't mind eternal imprisonment, as the tragedy provides ample fodder for his revolutionary poetry.

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Wohnung 1/A

Little Red Riding Hood is a teenager who wants to be accepted as a woman, above all else.  She is much less naive than she was in the 19th century ... although her mother still warns her to beware of the wolf, who has followed them into the 21st century.  Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother (also in our story) is pursued frequently by the elderly hunter.

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Wohnung 1/B

The Bremer Travelling Musicians - the donkey, the dog, the cat, and the ancient rooster - lead a very happy life together.  The cat is doing a bit more poorly than before, and the rooster doesn't hear so well these days ... but the four friends still find their new life really great!

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Wohnung 1/C

Here live Cinderella's father, stepmother, and stepsisters ... all of whom came along for the ride into the 21st century.  The stepmother and stepsisters pop up in various fairy tales and perform consistenly well as the evil ones.

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Wohnung 1/D

The frog prince, called Egon, lives with an old, retired king.  A princess had rescued the frog prince in the original fairy tale, but he asked the witch to turn him back to a frog ... as he found life with only one woman boring!  The witch fullfilled his wish, and now he is looking for a woman (any woman) - day in, day out - who will kiss him.

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Wohnung 2/A

Hansel and Gretel are living peacefully with their dad.  Their stepmother is dead, and the witch has somehow lost her magical powers ... Gretel is a teenager and is good friends with Little Red Riding Hood.  As a teenager, her decisions are not always the wisest!

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Wohnung 2/B

Frau Holle (Mother Holle) is one of the kindest fairy tale characters.  When she shakes out her down beds, it snows on Earth.  She lives with her adopted daughter, the good girl (Liesl), who receives gold for her services.  But it's difficult to understand why Liesl returned to her stepmother and stepsister!

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Wohnung 2/C

The Wolf brothers were of utmost importance to the brothers Grimm, and they are still important in the current era!  Wolfgang is quite conceited, speaks English and Sheep, and quotes Shakespeare.  He tries to help his brother Wolfdietrich get used to life in the 21st century ... which Wolfdietrich finds incredibly difficult, especially vegetarianism!

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Wohnung 2/D

Snow White is world-renowned.  She is studying law and uses her fame to bring equal rights to all fairy tale characters.  Her husband Thilo is a bit spineless and misses his old life ... when all princesses wanted to kiss and marry him!

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Turm 1

Four women live together in Tower 1.  Sleeping Beauty is a journalist who wants equal rights for women.  Cinderella is a psychologist who works with castle residents in intensive therapy.  Rapunzel is still very proud of her beautiful hair, and Gerdi (God's strength) is the little girl in The Star Talers.  Unfortunately, money has made her corrupt and greedy.

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The seven dwarves live in in a shared apartment.  They don't work, but if they did, they would definitely do something environmentally friendly.  In the original fairy tale, the dwarves don't have names, but most of the them took names enthusiastically from the Disney movie (Grumpy, naturally not) ... They are Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy, and Dopey.

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Turm 2

Tower 2 is the most dangerous room in the castle.  Here lives the evil queen, who misses the good old days when she could be really evil!  Her roommate is Heidrun the witch, who longs for the powers she lost in Hansel and Gretel.  The witch's kitchen has to be repaired regularly from experiments gone awry!