Brazilians Working with Americans (2007)
Brazilians Working with Americans The "Brazilians Working with Americans: Cultural Case Studies" (Orlando R. Kelm & Mary E. Risner, Univ. of Texas Press, 2007) consists of 10 brief case studies that illustrate the challenges that executives face when working together. The 10 cases are based on real stories from Brazilian executives who work with North Americans in Brazil. This website accompanies the book and provides video clips of 3 American and 3 Brazilian executives who offer personal observations about the cases. In all there are 60 video clips from 17 executives. The comments represent the executives' personal opinions about the cultural aspects of the case studies. All materials are provided in both English and Portuguese. The American executives make their comments in English (with Portuguese translation) and all of the Brazilian executives make their comments in Portuguese (with English translation).