Welcome to Conversa Brasileira!

Fica à vontade, a casa é sua.

Welcome to the chance of peeking in on a Conversa Brasileira, a compilation of brief video clips in which Brazilians talk about a whole series of different topics, everything from hobbies to shopping for friends who are coming over. The objective of Conversa Brasileira is three-fold. First, provide intermediate and advanced learners of Portuguese with a chance to hear real people talk about real things in Portuguese. The dialogs in the video clips are not scripted. They are simply role-playing the scenarios, which provide us with a very natural exchange. Second, the videos show the exchanges between two people. As such Conversa Brasileira contains excellent examples of how people take turns when talking, how they rephrase sentences, how they let the other person know that they are following along or when they need clarification, etc. There is a strong emphasis on how people interact when they talk. Third, Conversa Brasileira provides analysis of all of these features, helping learners to notice these aspects of Brazilian Portuguese, things that may go unnoticed otherwise. As such Conversa Brasileira contains a Portuguese transcription of all of the dialogs, an English translation, and accompanying PDF files of the scenarios. Additionally, the videos themselves contain analysis commentary. While viewing the clips, click on any of the pop-up bubbles that appear, The video will be paused and listeners are sent to brief recordings of additional commentary and analysis. Think of it as the “director’s commentary”.

The blue bar above contains links to related sites, information about RSS feeds, discussion blogs that go along each lesson, etc. The help button provides more detailed information on how to use the site. We invite you to return often. Fica à vontade (Make yourself at home) and hang out with some Brazilians in a Conversa Brasileira.


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We also offer the PDFs that are available on the Conversa Brasileira website in a bundled version as a print-on-demand textbook. This textbook includes all 35 Conversa Brasileira video transcripts and notes.
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