Radio Arlecchino
August 14, 2007
Episode 9:  Imperative - Build a better mousetrap
Build a better mousetrap

Build a better mousetrap

In Build a better mousetrap, we will focus on the tu forms of the imperative – the most frequently used.  While the tu forms of second- and third-conjugation verbs are the same as the present indicative, the forms for first-conjugation verbs are different.  The imperative for these is the present indicative stem + -a, as in guarda! (look!).  The second anomaly is in the negative command form, where non is placed in front of the infinitive of the verb rather than in front of the imperative verb.  Let's listen as the Dottore demonstrates the new anti-mouse technology of the TopoKill 9000, a supertrap capable of catching more than a mouse!
Download (right-click): ra_09.mp3  (MP3, 9:42, 7.96 MB)