Radio Arlecchino
April 9, 2007
Episode 3:  Narrating in the past - Pulcinella Plugged
Pulcinella Plugged

Pulcinella Plugged

Today's episode, Pulcinella Plugged, will explain the last two tenses in our past tense trilogy: the trapassato prossimo and the trapassato remoto.   The function of the trapassato prossimo is to put actions in the right chronological order: to report actions that happened further back in the past than other past tenses.   It's the most past of all the past tenses.   Like the passato remoto, the trapassato remoto is used in literature and narrative writing.   It is very similar to the trapassato prossimo in that it is used to refer to a past action that was completed before another action in the past.   You'll almost never hear it in conversation.   Let's listen now as Pulcinella tells us about his new CD!
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