Reading Activity

Choose an authentic text in a foreign language that you deem "readable" for the class you are teaching. Next, develop a detailed lesson plan around it. Be sure to follow the holistic approach to reading that emphasizes the importance of staging (e.g., pre-reading activities, initial reading, and re-readings). Also remember the connections between culture and the language skills (e.g., reading, writing, speaking, and listening). Answer the following questions in your lesson plan:

  1. What is the foreign language? Who are your students? What is their level?
  2. What is the topic of the text? What are your pedagogical goals for the lesson?
  3. What materials are required for the lesson?
  4. What will the students do at each stage of the lesson? What are the different activities?
  5. How does your lesson apply the ideas discussed in the module? What are your personal opinions about these ideas?

The following lesson plans were created by our participating beginning teachers:

Como Agua Para Chocolate (Spanish)

Reading Reviews (ESL)

Travel Advertisements (Chinese)

"Open Curtains" (Dutch)