Lesson 3: Putting it into Practice

After First Listen

The following video shows what the teacher instructed the students to do after they have finished listening to the text the first time.

What observations can you make? Why do you think the teacher asked the students to work in pairs?


Classroom activity after the first listen.

Duration: 00:44

The following video shows the students after they are done working in pairs after the first listen. Watch the video and notice the kind of questions the teacher is asking. What is his goal here?


Group discussion of video content after the first listen.

Duration: 01:22

Based on the two video segments we've seen above, here are some suggestions for you to consider:

  • Before you ask the students to report to you what they've understood and before you ask any comprehension questions, allow them to work in small groups to discuss what they've gotten out of the text after the first engagement with the text.
  • Ask them to report to you what they've understood. Instead of asking questions on specific pieces of information in the text, focus on global comprehension first and ask them to share with the class any pieces of information they've been able to get after the first listen.
  • Save your questions for the second listen.
  • Utilize the board to write the pieces of information "captured" by the students after the first listen. This will help create focal points for the second listen. If a piece of information presented by a student is incomplete or incorrect, write it down with a question mark and ask the class to focus on it during the second listen.
  • Remember to use positive reinforcement and encouragement and keep in mind that our aim at this phase is to get an overall view of the "forest" not individual trees.