Lesson 1: Thinking of Listening

Questions for the Listening Classroom

In this section, consider some practical questions that pertain to conducting listening activities in the classroom. Read each question and think of what your answer would be before watching the video.

Question: Should we use simplified texts or authentic texts with simplified tasks for the lower levels of proficiency? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?


Using simplified tasks vs. simplified texts for listening activities.

Duration: 01:22

Question: To what extent do you think we can utilize group work in doing listening activities? How do you envision this? Isn't listening an individual activity?


How group work can be utilized in listening activities.

Duration: 01:20

Question: How important is it to engage students in a discussion of the strategies they or their classmates utilize while listening? Why?


How to engage students in thinking about the strategies they use in listening.

Duration: 00:50

Question: What can we do with students who still don't get anything from a listening passage after listening multiple times?


How to cope with students who seem to comprehend very little after multiple listenings.

Duration: 01:27

Now that we have considered these questions, can you suggest three principles that you would like to apply in your classroom when doing listening activities?