Lesson 1: Why FL Teachers Need to Know about Learners

The Learner's Perspective

If you are a new language teacher, you are probably worried about whether you will be able put into practice all the teaching suggestions that you have encountered in this course. But in planning your lessons, it is also important that you keep your specific language learners in mind. Language learning will be a new experience to many of your learners, and they may be unsure about what language learning entails and how to go about it.


Why it is important to take the perspective of learner.

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Many new teachers approach their new teaching assignments with a certain amount of anxiety. Consequently, new teachers tend to focus on themselves while somewhat more experienced teachers focus more on the subject matter. The most mature teachers are able to think about their subject matter in the context of the needs and abilities of their specific learners and plan instruction that takes both into account.

As a new language teacher, what are your most important concerns? Do you identify with the description of new teachers?


Stages of concern.

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