Lesson 4: Implementing a Guided Induction Approach

Elements of Guided Induction

Let's see how an inductive guided approach to teaching and learning grammar is implemented.

Analyze the following lesson plan created by one of the Assistant Instructors in the Spanish department at the University of Texas:

Sample Lesson Plan: gustar

The grammar feature under analysis is the verb gustar. Make a list of features of the lesson plan that are representative of a guided inductive approach to teaching grammar.

Now let's review the rationale behind the first part of this lesson plan. Watch the following segment and take note of the benefits of presenting the information in the way it is provided to students in the class notes.

Can you think of any changes that would make this lesson plan better?


The instructor reviews the sample lesson plan.

Duration: 03:27

Here are some suggestions for changes to the lesson plan, in order to take a guided induction approach to grammar instruction:

  • Lead students to look for patterns in the text.
  • Students complete a chart that has them identify the pattern.
  • Analyze the structure of the language.
  • Expand the universe of data by having students read more.
  • Lead students to think critically about the language and the cultural implications. (e.g., in Spanish, in oral language, gender is not specified)