Rafael Salaberry teaching the Grammar Module
Dr. Rafael Salaberry, Grammar Module Instructor

Introduction to the Grammar Module

Duration: 00:50


Hello, My name is Rafael Salaberry. I am a professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Texas in Austin. I'm also the director of the language program in Spanish and Portuguese, and I oversee the work of about one hundred instructors in our program. In this module, I focus on the teaching amd learning of grammar. The main points I will try to make in this class are: One, that the explicit analysis of grammar is beneficial for second language learning. Two, that the analysis of language data, and in particular the learner's own production, is essential for students to reconceptualize grammar in the L2. And finally, three, that the most effective way of teaching grammar is the one that makes use of the full use of options of an inductive-deductive continuum of analysis.


1 Definitions of Grammar
Review of various definitions of grammar in order to identify the objective of teaching grammar. Our target definition of grammar turns out to be highly contextualized.
2 Elements of Grammar Instruction
Analysis of some findings from research on grammar teaching and possible pedagogical applications.
3 Inductive Approaches to Teaching Grammar
The potential advantages of an inductive approach that makes use of the whole range of options on the deductive-inductive continuum.
4 Implementing a Guided Induction Approach
Reviews the main features of activities that incorporate inductive approaches, and shows activities in practice.