Lesson 4: A Web-Based Approach to Language and Culture

Using the Internet

With our students spending more and more time on social networking sites on the Internet, why not appropriate some of that time and interest to language study?


Using the Internet in the language class.

Duration: 01:06

Web-based instruction:

  • Uses Internet resources to facilitate authentic contact with L2 (e.g., connect with native-speaker pen pals).
  • Encourages direct interaction within virtual community of learners and native speakers.
  • Uses multiple modalities (text, audio, video, interactive, etc.) in real time.

Try to find the equivalent of Facebook or MySpace in the language that you teach. Explore the environment and try to locate the placement and nomenclature of well known features such as "Search," "Click," "Enter," "Delete," etc. in the target language. How might you introduce these terms to your class so that they would have an easier time online in the target language?