The Foreign Language Teaching Methods online professional development resource was developed by the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL), formerly the Texas Language Technology Center, at the University of Texas at Austin. COERLL seeks to improve foreign language instruction by exploring the potential of emerging technologies and developing high-quality open educational resources.

The project was funded by a Professional Development Modules grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The grant provides funding to eligible higher education institutions to create online professional development about the most effective strategies or "best practices" for improving both teaching and learning.

Content Developers (Course Instructors)

Zsuzsanna Abrams
Mahmoud al-Batal
Katherine Arens
Carl Blyth
Tom Garza

Nancy Guilloteau
Elaine Horwitz
Orlando Kelm
Dale Koike

Lia Plakans
Esther Raizen
Rafael Salaberry
Janet Swaffar

Additional Content (Beginning Language Teachers)

Judith Atzler
Thomas Checkley
Yoonhee Choe
Sarah Episcopo
Inyoung Kym

Elena Liskova
Han Luo
Reka Morris
Minjung Park
Jennifer Perkins

Laura Rigby
Verónica Ríos
Vince VanderHeijden
Yue Yu
Anke Zwietasch


Carl Blyth Development Editor
Heera Kang Editor
Karen Kelton Reviewer

Website Design and Development

Rachael Gilg Web Developer, Project Manager
Nathalie Steinfeld Graphic Designer

Media Production

Daniel Garza Production Designer, Technical Director
Geoff Yano Camera Operator
Corinna Ortiz Camera Operator
Courtney Barnett Assistant Camera Operator
Mike Heidenreich Head Audio Engineer
Kayla Croft Assistant Audio Engineer
Chelsey Blackmon Editor
Carrie Wells Assistant Editor
Andrew Foy Assistant Editor


Division of Instructional Innovation & Assessment

With Support From

Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services
LAITS STA Program (Suloni Robertson)
LAITS Grantwriting (Emily Cicchini)
John Slatin Captioning Project (Glenda Sims)