Activities for Teaching and Learning

Our team of language experts are all teachers with many years of classroom experience; of course, we have all learned languages also. We've put together a variety of activities to help teachers and learners. They range from simple vocabulary practice to reading/listening comprehension and writing tasks. There is something for everyone here, whether you're a beginner student of German or a seasoned instructor. Below, you'll find links to activities by frame.

If you are interested in creating activities based on the G-FOL, please do and share them with us! We've put together some ideas for how to get started

Files with classroom activities are available as Word documents on Google Drive here:  

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This infographic handout explains to learners what the G-FOL is and how to use it.

 We are continuously adding activities! Check back soon for more.

Woman buying somethingBuying and Selling

Here you'll find learning materials for the Buying and Selling frame. 

Title     DescriptionInstructions
FilesKeywordsAnswer Key?
Leseübung: Schikane bei H&M  This lesson includes pre-reading, reading for Buying and Selling vocab, simple textual analysis (by frame elements), T/F for frame elements in text, and comprehension questions.German 



reading, advanced no
Wo kann man was kaufen? Dative with IN and KAUFEN 

Substitution tables for writing sentences. Use of preposition IN + dative and the verb KAUFEN.

Technical tip:

The document is meant to be in landscape format - use pdf for printing. The doc format here is portrait but it can be downloaded and saved in landscape orientation.






Here you'll find learning materials for the Causation frame. 

Title     DescriptionInstructions
FilesKeywordsAnswer Key?
Vocab Activities: Causation  A packet of several vocabulary exercises involving Causation. Starts with a review of lexical units, then matching for halves of the sentence that go together, guessing meanings of related forms (different parts of speech of covered vocab), and finally writing sentences using the vocab to describe what's happening in photos. Englishdoc review, writing, parts of speech, related forms no


Here you'll find learning materials for the Grooming frame. 

Title     DescriptionInstructions
FilesKeywordsAnswer Key?

Grooming Intro Lesson with notes for instructors

 Use this presentation in class to introduce students to the G-FOL, using the Grooming frame as example. Explains basic concepts and goes over the grammar of reflexive verbs in Grooming. Includes warm up brainstorm, group discussion, etc.Germanpptpowerpoint, teacher, classroom, introduce G-FOL no
Vocab Activity: Grooming, Multiple Choice - SHORT Select the appropriate German verb to use for translating given English sentence (answers show verb only). Multiple correct answers, as shown in included key.Englishdoc multiple choice, simple vocab practice 
Vocab Activity: Grooming, Multiple Choice - LONG Longer version of above activity (each answer choice includes the verb and the entire translated sentence using that verb). Key includedEnglishdoc yes


Sleeping dog


Here you'll find learning materials for the Sleep frame. Click here for all the files.

Title     DescriptionInstructions
FilesKeywordsAnswer Key?
Exploring the Frame Introductory Activity for the Sleep Frame. Begins with learner's expectations and familiarizes them with the G-FOL's version of the concept "sleep". Englishdoc


intro, beginner, overviewno
Wie kann ich besser schlafen? Listening comprehension activity with pre- and post-viewing questions (comprehension and applying to personal life). Youtube video is from "Gesundheitswissen."Germandoc


video, listeningno