Webinar: Publishing Open Lessons for the FLLITE Project

Carl Blyth (COERLL, University of Texas at Austin)

Join us in the fourth webinar in the series on teaching with the Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday (FLLITE) approach. In this session, learn about using Creative Commons licenses to publish and share lessons that you create so that others can access them online and use them in their classrooms. 

About the FLLITE project

The FLLITE project aims to create an educational community of language teachers who will create and share crowdsourced literacy lessons based on culturally authentic texts (words, images, videos, audio) for the L2 classroom. The lessons will refine and extend the pedagogical principles of the crossdisciplinary approach of “the literary in the everyday”. Here, “the literary” refers to the range of playful, metaphorical, and non-conventional ways of making meaning, and "the everyday" refers to language use in contexts outside of canonical literature.

Teachers of all languages are welcome! 

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