Threads of A New Pedagogical Fabric: Open Educational Resources, Languages, and Technology

Friday, February 03, 2017 -
13:45 to 15:30
Patricia Kyle (University of Texas at Austin, COERLL)
Nancy Guilloteau (University of Texas at Austin, Department of French & Italian)
Karen Kelton (University of Texas at Austin, Department of French & Italian)
Sarah Sweeney (COERLL)

Join us at the National Heritage Language Resource Center's tenth international conference on language teacher education: "Language Teacher Education for a World on the Move: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Student Populations".

In COERLL's presentation, participants will discover innovative ways of using open Internet-based content in their language programs as panelists share fresh insights into the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of designing and delivering language instruction in face-to-face, blended (mostly face-to-face, limited online practice), hybrid (a balance of face-to-face and online learning), and fully online environments.

See below for the presentation slides... stay tuned for more content!

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