Still Avant-Garde: Lower-Division French at UT Austin

1.302 CLA (Glickman Center) at UT Austin
Karen Kelton and Nancy Guilloteau, UT Austin

Please join us on Tuesday, December 6 at 10:00 am for a presentation on the innovative new online and hybrid beginning French courses debuting now at UT Austin. Course developers Nancy Guilloteau and Karen Kelton are currently piloting FR 406, the first of a series of three fully online French courses, to forty UT Austin students. All three online courses include automatically graded Canvas activities as well as teacher-graded synchronous exchanges and communicative interactions.

The hybrid course model, due to launch next year, differs in that communicative tasks in the target language occur primarily in the face-to-face classroom while outside of class, hybrid students learn from online tutorials, cultural readings, and authentic audio-visual recordings. 

To prepare French instructors for teaching in these new environments, the authors have integrated a teacher's manual and grading guidelines right into each course. 

Plan now to attend the presentation so that you can meet the authors and find out more about the new online and hybrid courses they have created.

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