SHL Hangout | Open Educational Textbooks for Bilingual Students

Wednesday, December 07, 2022 - 17:00 CST
Online event (Zoom)
Elena Foulis
Stacey Alex

In this hangout webinar, the focus will be on developing the textbook Mi idioma, mi comunidad: español para bilingües as a response to the increased enrollment of Latinx college students in the Midwest, incorporating culturally sustaining curricula, increasing textbook affordability, and meeting the needs of heritage language learners that often go unmet by second language pedagogy frameworks. The purpose for designing this book were as followed; 1) To validate students’ experiences with identity and belonging in the Midwest; 2) to use interactive multimedia products such as podcasts, videos, neighborhood maps, and music that already had culturally relevant content about Latinx in the Midwest; and 3) to advocate for students’ language maintenance and growth through real-world applications. Each of the eight chapters uses a project-based approach to reading, writing, creating, and discussing language use, art, festivals, food, ethnography, oral history, digital lives, and university life. We will discuss where we see this ebook fits best in our classes, and how to adapt to meet your own students’ needs.

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Elena Foulis is an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M, San Antonio and has been directing the oral history project, Oral Narratives of Latin@s in Ohio (ONLO) since 2014. The project is an ongoing collection of over 130 video narratives, some can be found in her iBook titled, Latin@ Stories Across Ohio. Foulis’s research explores Latina/o/x voices through oral history and performance, identity and place, ethnography, and family history. She is also host and producer for the Latin@ Stories podcast, an extension of her oral history project. This podcast invites audiences to connect and learn more about the Latina/o/x experiences locally, while amplifying the voices of the community everywhere. Foulis is an engaged scholar and is committed to reaching non-academic and academic audiences through her writing, presentations, and public humanities projects.

Stacey Alex
is an assistant professor of Spanish at Morningside University in Sioux City, Iowa. She enjoys teaching a variety of courses such as Language and Culture, Spanish for the Professions, and Latina/o/x Communities in the US. She directed the creation of an online oral history project, Latinx Stories of Siouxland. Her research examines how Latina/o/x communities create a sense of belonging through cultural and narrative resistance in the face of racialization resulting from U.S. immigration policies, the media, and educational institutions. Alex also researches Latin American and Latina/o/x pop culture, identity politics, and gender and sexuality through radio, children’s games, folklore, and literature. Alex previously taught middle and high school Spanish and dual language Spanish and ESL in West Liberty, Iowa.