SHL Hangout | La combi completa: Encouraging Grammar, Dialect, and Cultural Competence through Reggaetón.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 - 17:00 CST
Online event (Zoom)
Emily Bernate

By the time students reach an intermediate-high level, authentic language samples from different dialects become an important part of the curriculum. For both heritage and second-language learners, knowledge of lexical, phonological, and syntactic variation throughout the Spanish-speaking world helps them gain confidence in their ability to comprehend and communicate with speakers from varying backgrounds. This hangout webinar will demonstrate why reggaeton offers an ideal opportunity to incorporate a variety of different dialects in the language classroom. We will explore sample lessons on phonological variation, differences between Spanish and English pronunciation, and common grammar topics. Each of these lessons also concludes with the option of incorporating a communicative activity related to language diversity or ethics.

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