Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday (FLLITE) Webinar 1

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 15:00 CST
Carl Blyth (UT Austin, French)
Joanna Luks (Cornell University, French)

This webinar introduces FLLITE, an initiative of COERLL (University of Texas) and CERCLL (University of Arizona) that seeks to develop a transdisciplinary approach to foreign language study. The central concept of this approach - the literary in the everyday - is closely associated with the popular multiliteracies framework. In this project, "the literary" refers to the range of playful, metaphorical, and non-conventional ways of making meaning. 


The goal of this webinar is to help FL teachers understand different types of language play, in order to create engaging classroom activities that exploit the linguistic, literary and ethnographic dimensions of a target-language text. Joanna Luks (Cornell University) and Carl Blyth (COERLL, UT Austin) will lead the discussion. 

FLLITE Webinar 1

FLLITE Webinar

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