Applied Linguistic Research

Research guides and supports the development of new approaches and tools, and this category includes two projects that focus on the dissemination of applied linguistic research with practical implications for foreign language teaching and learning.


"Open Education and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching" book

There is a lack of research on the subject of open education in the field of foreign language learning and teaching.  To fill this gap, COERLL will sponsor an openly-licensed volume published by Multilingual Matters that seeks to (a) contextualize open education as it pertains to foreign language learning and teaching via a history of the movement along with explorations of how the open movement affects FL education beyond the classroom context, (b) explore aspects of open language learning and teaching across a range of educational contexts, and (c) illustrate new ways of creating, adapting, and curating materials that are freely shared among language educators and students.  

Carl Blyth

Carl Blyth

Joshua Thoms

Language Learning and Technology

LL&T focuses on issues related to language learning and language teaching, and how they are affected by the use of digital technologies. LL&T has an editorial board of scholars in the fields of second language acquisition and computer-assisted language learning. Due to the open nature of the journal, LL&T readers have expanded access to the articlesThe journal is co-sponsored by the National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) and Center for Language & Technology at the University of Hawai’i, and COERLL. 


Julio C. Rodriguez

Project Area Advisors: 

Mary Kalantzis

Bill Cope