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Tá Falado
February 14, 2007
Lesson 17:  Pronunciation of 'j', 'ge', and 'gi', Wearing That Tiny Bikini
Wearing That Tiny Bikini From a North American perspective, the Brazilians have very skimpy swimming suits.  However, from Valdo and Michelle's perspective, North American swimsuits are "gigantes", "enormes."  In the end, as Michelle explains, "não importo, vou continuar com o meu biquini do Brasil" (I don't care, I'm going to keep on using my Brazilian bikini).  As to pronunciation, did Orlando really say that he wanted to name his daughter "Janela" (window)? Good thing he didn't!
Download (right-click): tafalado_17.mp3  (MP3, 15:02, 5.29 MB)