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Tá Falado
January 4, 2007
Lesson 10:  Pronunciation of Palatalization, Cell Phones and Driving
Cell phones and driving One of the great differences between Spanish and Portuguese is seen in how Brazilians pronounce words that are spelled with "ti," which sounds more like "chee" and how words spelled with "di" sound more like "jee."  The fancy word for this is palatalization.  But look out, not all Brazilian dialects do it.  So, in this lesson we listen to Valdo and Michelle, who both do it.  In the next lesson we'll repeat the same dialog to hear what these words sound like without palatalization.  As to the culture part of this lesson, Valdo and Michelle talk about the use of cellular phones while driving.
Download (right-click): tafalado_10.mp3  (MP3, 13:47, 9.70 MB)