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1.3:  Das Deutschland-Portal:  Einfach. Besser. Informiert.

Einfach. Besser. Informiert. ... the motto of the main, non-commercial portal to Germany.  In this webquest you will familiarize yourself with current events in Germany, what the hot topics (Aktuelle Themen) are in Germany, and what the images say about the way people think of themselves and their cultures.

Das Deutschland-Portal

Go to  If your browser opens in English, go to the top of the page and click on Deutsch.


What is the image that you see at the top of the page?  Click a few links (any links, really) and look at the images.  What topics, styles, subjects are portrayed?  How do the designers of this website view Germany, in your opinion (based on these images)?  Hint: there is no ONE right answer.


What are currently the hot topics in Germany?  Check out the links under the Aktuelle Themen section.


Select Medien from the the Rubriken section of links in the left column of the page.  One of the submenu choices that appears is Fernsehen.  Upon choosing this link, you should see under the list of links, on the right: select it.  What are the possible topics listed under the header graphic at the top?


3w-tv videostream icon Select ANY of the menu choices and check out a few of the videostreams by clicking the red arrow icon.  What do you notice about the language ... aside from the fact that it seems very fast :-) ?

Das Deutsche Filmmagazin

If you want a bit more guidance, check out the video clip on the following page:
KINO (deutsch) | 11.04.2008

This clip is about the German Film prize for 2007.  What are the German movies that are reviewed? How often do Germans go to the movies, according to the interviews?

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