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Beyond Deficits: A Capacities Model of L2 Attainment

eComma: Textual Annotation and Collaborative Reading in a Foreign Language

Keeping Your Materials Open and Legal

Conversa Brasileira: Making Our Online Materials More Interactive

Oral Proficiency Evaluation: Training and Pragmatics

Defining Open Education

Envisioning Open Education for Language Learning

Finding Open Educational Resources for Language Learning

Teaching with Open Educational Resources

Creating and Collaborating on Open Educational Resources

Becoming an Open Language Educator

Susan Henderson: The Challenges and Lessons Learned from Florida's Open Textbook Initiative

Rich Baraniuk: Innovation via Open Education Resources

Carl Blyth: COERLL Projects for an Open World

Laura Franklin: MERLOT: Its Growing Role in Open Education and 21st Century Language Learning

Georges Detiveaux: Monsieur, Is There a Text in This Class?

Keene Haywood: The Next Words...

Georgia Harper: Four Ways to Keep it Legal

Hal Plotkin: Free to Learn

El idioma español en las escuelas de Texas

Apreciar las diferencias lingüísticas: El español en Texas

Projects for an Open World (2011)

What COERLL offers


Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

Models of collaboration

Learning, Games, and Language

Semiotic Flows, Bricolage, and Critical Language Awareness

Authorial Intent and Cultural Authenticity in L2 Computer Mediated Communication

Instructional Technologies to Facilitate Literacy and Language Learning

The Open Education Movement

Developing Students' Translingual and Transcultural Competence: The Cultura Project

Literacy and Technology: Where We've Been and Where We're Heading

What Makes Students Click: Computer Environments for Language and Culture Learning