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A Space for Social Reading

This website compares different collaborative tagging and commenting tools for web based texts and shares news and research about social reading. The eComma Commentary machine is one of the tools featured on this site. In its current iteration it is a free software module that plugs into Drupal 6, a popular open source content management system. Collaborators at two universities are testing eComma in their language classes. The code for the module is now available through the drupal eComma projects page

Project director(s): 
Carl Blyth

Bilingual Language Profile

Open survey tool for assessing bilingual dominance.

The Bilingual Language Profile (BLP) is an instrument for assessing language dominance through self-reports that is concise, quick, and easy to use. The BLP is intended to produce a continuous dominance score and a general bilingual profile taking into account a variety of linguistic variables. The BLP is an open and free assessment tool for researchers, educators, and anyone with an interest in assessing language dominance.

Project director(s): 
Dr. David Birdsong (French and Italian)

LESCANT Photo Database

The idea behind this site is to give students experience in identifying cultural differences that come up whenever we deal with people from other cultures. In some cases this may be with the person who lives across the street, other times it will be related to those we encounter while traveling abroad or while interacting with people from different countries. Most of the contributions to this database come from students who were enrolled in our study abroad programs. We use the LESCANT model as a way to categorize the photos and the topics.

Project director(s): 
Dr. Orlando Kelm (Spanish & Portuguese)