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Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels (Spanish)

Free practice modules for Spanish language educators

Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels is a free open educational resource that can help you gain a foundational understanding of how to evaluate Spanish speakers. The resource includes 17 video-based practice modules designed to strengthen your understanding of the ACTFL Speaking Proficiency Guidelines and to help you evaluate the speaking levels of your language students.

Open Badges for Foreign Language Education

Open digital badges are online representations of earned knowledge and skills. Badges make it easy to validate and make visible the variety of learning that happens in formal and informal contexts. Most importantly, they have the potential to help change how we assign value to what, where, and how people learn. This website provides an introduction to badges and guidance for educators who want to begin earning and creating open digital badges.

Voices for Openness in Language Learning

Open education and language learning in practice.

This website features the stories of forward-thinking students, educators, content developers, and technologists carrying the banner of Open Education in language learning. We hope these voices will inspire and incite more sharing and collaboration.

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Foreign Language Teaching Methods

Professional development modules for foreign language teachers.

An online, video-based methods course focusing on best practices for foreign language instruction at the high-school and college levels. It features 12 interactive media-rich modules taught by different professors from the University of Texas at Austin. Modules include Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pragmatics, Culture, The Language Learner, Technology, Classroom Management, and Assessment.

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Carl Blyth et al