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Brazilpod is a collection of online, open access, and free-to-use materials for the learning of Portuguese as a foreign language. Almost all of these materials serve as stand alone, ancillary to independent learning, for regular courses, and for other programs of study. Brazilpod is more than just a website that lists different materials. It is an attempt to bring together multiple parts of independent language projects that come together for users to mix and match, build, and reshape. It is for this reason that Brazilpod also includes Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, contributions from outside users, various blogs, student projects, and unique course materials. The format and delivery is designed to increase exposure and implementation contributions from a worldwide audience.

Teaching and Learning Materials

A compilation of video scenarios of people interacting with each other in Portuguese.

Publications and Resources

There are currently no publications for this project.

Project Director

Project Director
Orlando Kelm