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Yorùbá Language and Culture Through Film


This project seeks to use “Nollywood” films as the basis for Yorùbá language instruction. The term “Nollywood” is derived from “Hollywood” in the same manner that the Indian film industry is known as “Bollywood.” The focus of the project is to construct an intermediate Yorùbá curriculum based on Nigerian videos and films. The main goal is to create multimedia materials that will provide cultural, linguistic, historical, religious, and documentary value.

Teaching and Learning Materials

There are currently no materials for this project.

Publications and Resources

Yoruba Film Project: Sample Lesson on Saworoide
By Omoniyi Afolabi
Yoruba Films By Tunde Kelani: Primary Cultural And Linguistic Data Collection
By Omoniyi Afolabi

Project Director

Project Director
Omoniyi Afolabi