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Gateway to Chinese

Multimedia Learning Materials for Mandarin Chinese

This project is focused on developing innovative multimedia learning materials for Chinese. The first website, Pitch Perfect Pinyin, will be a two-part interactive website for learning Pinyin pronunciation. Other planned materials include a "type and listen" website for Pinyin pronunciation practice, a Chinese listening comprehension website, and an interactive flash card project.

Teaching and Learning Materials

Collection of free interactive language learning resources for beginning Mandarin Chinese
An Interactive Course on Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation
Interactive exercises for listening practice.

Publications and Resources

Poster: Designing Web-based Listening Comprehension Exercises for Beginning Chinese Learners
By Wen-Hua Teng
Voices for Openness in Language Learning: Wen-Hua Teng
Chinese Take‐In: Interactive Listening Comprehension Exercise for Beginning Chinese Learners
By Wen-Hua Teng

Project Director

Project Director
Wen-Hua Teng