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Map of United States with locations of current LRCs
CALPERCenter for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research
CARLACenter for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
CASLSCenter for Applied Second Language Studies
CELCARCenter for Languages of the Central Asian Region
CERCLLCenter for Educational Resources in Culture, Language & Literacy
CLEARCenter for Language Education and Research
COERLLCenter for Open Educational Resources & Language Learning
LARCLanguage Acquisition Resource Center
NALRCNational African Language Resource Center
NCLRCNational Capital Language Resource Center
NEALRCNational East Asian Languages Resource Center
NFLRCNational Foreign Language Resource Center
NHLRCNational Heritage Language Resource Center
NMELRCNational Middle East Language Resource Center
SEE LRCSlavic and East European Language Research Center