National Middle East Language Resource Center Workshop 2011

The University of Texas at Austin

The 2011 NMELRC Program Building and Maintenance Workshop and Western Consortium Evaluation Workshop will be held at U.T. Austin this July.

The MNELRC Program Building and Maintenance workshop (July 27-28) is for Program Directors, Administrators, Coordinators and Lead Teachers of Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish, and will be conducted by:
Mahmoud Al-Batal (Arabic)Roberta Micallef (Turkish)Pardis Minuchehr (Persian)Vardit Ringvald (Hebrew)Ben Rifkin, Professor of Russian and Dean of the College of New JerseySam Eisen, Office of Post-secondary Education, U.S. Department of EducationTopics include:
Developing program vision, goals, and learning outcomesBringing program vision to fruitionEnhancing motivation for students and teachersDeveloping content-based instructionLeveraging intensive studyProviding training opportunities for new and in-service teachers
The Western Consortium Middle East Language Program Evaluation Workshop will be held July 29-July 31.
Key Trainer: John Norris: U HawaiiOverview of key language program evaluation principlesPractical tools for measuring success and better focusing program resourcesFor complete details, visit the NMELRC website.

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